Chocolate Milk Stout Craft Travel Candle

Chocolate Milk Stout Craft Travel Candle

Your space has never felt cozier than with our Chocolate Milk Stout Beer-Inspired Candle. A rich, bittersweet chocolate base with a touch of cream. Finishes with a dark, roasted essence. As mouthwatering as Grandma’s homemade fudge.
Now available in our signature 4 oz travel candle size, this luscious candle will delight you and your guests for up to 35 hours while adding a unique, conversational touch to your space.
Hand crafted in Chicagoland with 100% American Soybeans. We use the finest essential oils and fragrances in our recipes- just like the beer we brew both in our home and professionally, we never skimp on quality and complexity of flavor/scent.

All natural soy is slower-burning, carbon neutral, and does not emit toxins into the air you, your family, and pets breathe.

We purposefully hand pour our wax into 4 oz travel tins. Each container is intended to live infinite lives. Since soy is easier to remove than paraffin and our wicks are glue-less, you can effortlessly repurpose your travel tins.

As you illuminate your home with our candles you are also helping illuminate the home of a family in need. $1 of your purchase today goes to our partner, The National Energy & Utility Affordability Coalition. Learn more on our Outreach page.

Thank you for helping us reach our environmental sustainability and philanthropic goals - Cheers!

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