Euphoric Junket | Repurpose

Did you know that only 24% of glass bottles end up getting recycled in the 40 states that don’t have bottle deposit systems?
Consider Euphoric Junket the local home brewer's glass curbside program: we personally find fellow beer nerds looking to clear space in their garages, come to their homes, and recycle their bottles for them.

Each candle in our Collection serves an infinitely reusable purpose. With your help, we can keep bottles out of landfills and restore our community’s economic and environmental impact.
After your candle's initial life comes to an end, there are endless ways to repurpose your recycled amber bottle. But first you will want to remove the final bit of soy wax and wick from your container.
Soy liquifies immediately in boiling water, and our wicks are glue-less. The best advice we have come across so far is outlined below in a visual format, as suggested by the lovely @aunt_peaches:
Euphoric Junket |  REPURPOSE
Now to the exciting part! Your recycled amber bottle can be used for anything from a flower vase to a coin jar. Of course these are just a few ideas to get your wheels spinning:
We'd love to hear your clever repurposing ideas! Share with us on Instagram: @euphoricjunket

Thank you for helping us reach our environmental sustainability goals. CHEERS!