Euphoric Junket | Craft Candles with a Cause

Do you love beer? How about candles? We hand craft all-natural soy candles reminiscent of your favorite microbrews.
Soy is a completely renewable resource that's slow-burning and carbon-neutral, making it a better alternative to paraffin for the environmentally conscious. Your candle will last hours longer than your average, without emitting toxins into your home and the air you breathe. Plus, by going the eco-friendly route, we also stimulate economic growth for American soybean farmers.
Rather than purchasing bulk orders of amber beer bottles from corporate wholesalers, we recycle ours directly from local home brewers (we call it our Curbside Program). Each bottle is carefully cut, sanded, and cleaned by hand with the intention of having a second life. Our wicks are glue-less, making removal very easy. This means you can effortlessly repurpose your amber bottle. Together we're keeping bottles out of landfills.
We use the finest essential oils and fragrances in our recipes. Just like the beer we brew both in our home and professionally, we never skimp on quality and complexity of flavor/scent.
By combining the right resources and ingredients, we have intrigued the senses of both beer nerds & candle lovers alike.