About our Relaunch | Euphoric Junket

With simple, yet impactful changes, we are now able to deliver even higher quality products that continue to keep sustainability and philanthropy in mind.

What's changed:

The most noticeable change you'll see as you cruise around our new website is the switch we made from bottles to cans.

As we dug deeper into our craft and research, we stumbled upon a few facts about recycling glass & how much of it actually makes the full journey back into a glass bottle. We knew then that we could find a container that was more likely to be used time and time again. So let's shrink that carbon footprint even more, we thought!

Behold, the aluminum can. 

With aluminum recycling turnaround times being as little as 60 days from facility back into a new can, simply put... they're extremely recyclable.  Plus, they happen to be all the rage in the craft beer world lately.
And, since Euphoric Junket literally means "happy trails", we figured this container would make it a whole lot easier to bring our products along with you in your travels. 

As you can see, our choice to make the switch from bottles to cans was a no brainer. 

But that's just what set our shift in motion.
We also discovered a new supplier of our 100% soy wax, allowing us to switch from purchasing bulk supplies online to purchasing directly from our local soy farmer. And really, who doesn't want to support American cultivation while stimulating our local economy?

Between new candle containers and a new soy wax supplier, our candles now pack more punch than ever. With our 12 oz. candle size versus our old 8 oz. candles, you're getting a larger (and thus longer lasting) candle for just about the same price.

One final difference you probably noticed is that our entire look has been upgraded. We had the pleasure of collaborating with our lovely friend & graphic artist extraordinaire by day, Karin Schwarz. Keeping things clean and sleek with a touch of pizzazz, Karin wowed us. We couldn't have done this without her and for that we are truly grateful.

What hasn't changed:

  • Our recipes & the quality of ingredients we use to specially craft our fragrances. 
  • Our commitment to sustainability. We continue to use recycled materials as much as possible, whether that be with our GreenWrap packaging or custom EcoEnclose boxes
  • Every purchase still serves a family in your own backyard. We will continue to partner with NEUAC in an effort to heighten awareness of energy poverty. Our goal is to reduce the energy burdens of low income consumers through a generous annual donation, and most importantly help advance public policy through our combined efforts.


We hope you love the changes we've made, and as always, that you enjoy each product as much as we enjoyed purposefully hand crafting it for you.