About our Craft Candles

Whether you love your space oozing with luscious aromas, appreciate unique and conversational décor, or are notorious for giving the best gifts, we’ve got you covered with our All-Natural Soy Candles reminiscent of the finest microbrews.

We know what you’re thinking: “Beer candles?! I’m not sure how I feel about that...” No, your home will not smell like the cast of “Cheers"; we do not directly infuse each candle with beer itself, but rather emulate the aromas and key notes of various beer styles. Even Grandmother approves! By combining the right resources and ingredients, we have intrigued the senses of both beer nerds & candle lovers alike.

We use the finest essential oils and fragrances in our recipes. Just like the beer we brew both in our home and professionally, we never skimp on quality and complexity of flavor/scent.


As for the base of each candle, we use 100% American soybean oil. Soy is a completely renewable resource that's slow-burning and carbon-neutral, making it a better alternative to paraffin for the environmentally conscious. Your candle will last up to 3x as long as your typical paraffin candle found at the store, without emitting harmful toxins into your home and the air you, your family, and pets breathe. We use cotton wicks that do not contain lead or zinc (as many do), which also makes for a clean, even/consistent burn free of toxins and soot.

Rather than purchasing bulk orders of amber beer bottles from corporate wholesalers, we recycle ours directly from local home brewers (we call it our Curbside Program). Euphoric Junket demands to have an impact on the fact that only 24% of glass bottles end up getting recycled in the 40 states that don’t have bottle deposit systems.


Each container in our Craft Candle Collection is carefully prepared by hand with the intention of living infinite lives. Since soy is easier to remove than paraffin and our wicks are glue-less, you can effortlessly repurpose your candle as a vase, succulent garden, pencil holder... the possibilities are endless! Together, we're keeping bottles out of landfills.

We also offer our entire Collection in our Original Craft Beer Candle Flight. ©
Sample our fragrances hand poured in four 5 oz. glasses on a custom branded cherry or natural wood beer flight paddle. Of course, both the paddle and flight glasses are infinitely reusable, too! We’ll toast to that.

As you illuminate your home with our Craft Candles, know that you are also helping to illuminate the home of a family in need. $1 of every item sold goes to our partner, The National Energy and Utility Affordability Coalition.

We hope you enjoy our Craft Beer Candles as much we enjoyed purposefully hand crafting them for you and everyone you love!