Pack Like a Pro for Your Next Adventure

There's so many different ways to pack efficiently these days. Many of you have probably heard of the 'ol roll method to save space.

Well, we're about to show you an even more compact way to travel...

Why we like it:

  • If layers are your thing (totally feel you on this), this is simply the easiest way to plan your outfits accordingly. If you're like us, our adventures often lead us from a day hike to a night on the town, so we like to have layers on deck to change quickly.
  • Having all of those layers planned ahead also takes the stress out of thinking about what to wear. Plus, if you plan your layers to coordinate, then you can continually swap out pieces of your wardrobe however you like.
  • Your rolled layers of clothes protect fragile items or accessories, like Euphoric Junket Beer CAN·dles, jewelry, etc.
  • Elastic of socks give a vacuum seal effect to your wardrobe, creating more space for super important things like EXTRA PAIRS OF SHOES... ya dig?
  • Your clothes stay wrinkle free. Need I say more?


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