On Inspiration | From Our Garden Pt. 3

What's up, friends?!
We thought it would be cool to continue to visually document our garden every week. It's pretty nuts how much our little green babies sprout in just a matter of a few days. 
This time around, we're giving you a full(ish) tour, allowing you to see the plot of land from a zoomed out perspective.
We love finding lady bug friends in our garden! They are extremely beneficial insects for controlling pests. Believe it or not, they're capable of consuming up to 50 to 60 aphids per day.
Our very first tomatoes are coming in!
Look how much our peas have sprouted since last week!
Finally, a grand tour and officially meeting another member of Euphoric Junket, Kimbo!
A little about Kimbo:
When it feels like there aren't enough hours in the day, Kim's got that special something to make everything feel okay. Between her relentless drive to accomplish tasks, or her Ms. Fix-it attitude, she's always ready to roll up her sleeves.
She is responsible for anything from cutting bottles, sanding, making product look crispy, giving insightful input about product photography, displays, you name it; and her most recent project is designing a custom table cover made from used malt bags from Bull & Bush Brewery. She's pretty much our favorite person on planet Earth.

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