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This is an ode to our urban garden in Denver, Colorado.
Sadly, this will be our final garden post of the season, as we are relocating our headquarters this weekend to Chicagoland!
Life is nuckin' futs, but just like our plants we must choose to adapt and grow.
This collection makes me smile especially big because it's almost like our plants are saying, "Hey, it's cool, we're good here. We're flourishing, and so are you." 

In commemoration of all the love put into these roots, we figured we'd share the wise words of our friend Haley Henderson, who seemed to capture all the feels perfectly:
" Best decision I ever made was to plant some plants. Caring for and nurturing plants so they can flourish and grow is visible magic. To see how something so small can grow into something so big teaches your soul so many lessons. With love and helping hands you enter into a symbiotic relationship with the plants you grow. I feel for them and I try to provide all that they need to the best of my ability and in return I get the pleasure of seeing them come into fruition, whether it's to provide my body with their fruits or to let me enjoy their beautiful blossoms. Gardening is more than a hobby, it's a gift from our Mother that we are able to have our own slice of heaven in our backyard."
From our kale plants, to our zucchini, peppers, beans, and peas, our garden is in abundance.
Chopping down our Centennial hops!
Here's a view of the front of the garden, as well as part of the back!
The other night we gathered tons of basil and veggies to make our own pizzas.
We wish you could have seen the finished product with basil toppings and balsamic vinegar drizzle..... however it was so appealing that we ate it before we thought to capture it! :)
Thanks for reading our Garden posts this year-


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