On Inspiration | From our Garden

In our previous post about what inspired Euphoric Junket, we mentioned we would be sharing more posts about various things that inspire us daily. This morning the sunlight reflected off our plants in a special way, as if to scream at us to share this one about our garden.
Unfortunately we had a terrible hail storm completely ravage most of our garden just a couple weeks back. C'mon, Colorado with your bipolar disorder! We lost some lives on the battlefield that day, including our onions, a strawberry plant (boo, they're my favorite), and dill. You can still see some of the damage on the leaves of many of our plants.
Although our yellow squash plant was looking like it took some bullets, it survived and today it is flourishing. It is truly incredible to see how much this guy has grown right before our eyes. Did you know that they flower before the fruit grows?
A major gardening tip if you ever plan to grow squash: give it plenty of room! Can you see why? :)
One last tip before we go: when watering during a time with expected sun, try your best to avoid over-saturating the leaves with moisture. Instead, aim for the base of the plant so that the plant's roots will suck up most of the moisture. Never water the leaves during peak hours of sunshine when it's the hottest- the rays will suck that moisture right off the leaves, and even burn holes through them!
The love we have for using quality ingredients in cooking our food directly translates into our love for crafting quality beer and candle recipes.
We'd love to hear from our fellow gardener friends and answer any questions you may have! Shoot us a message on Facebook or at info@euphoricjunket.com.

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