If you can't beat 'em, buy 'em: Big Beer's War On Craft

In a world where all things hand crafted are gaining in popularity, there is something lurking and waiting to snatch up our economy’s young. Some of you know them by names such as Anheuser Bush or AB InBev. We know them as Big Beer. 

When a new brand becomes popular, it's inevitable that along with that comes envy and a want to rain on one’s parade. But when you have billions of dollars, why just sit back and whine about the growth of the craft beer industry when you can wave a big ol’ check in their faces and simply rid the problem by taking possession? That's exactly what big beer’s war on craft is accomplishing. 
For instance, did you know that Goose Island is actually owned by Anheuser Bush and has been for years? Or that your beloved sour brewery, Wicked Weed from North Carolina, has also recently opted to sell their brand to Anheuser?
Now you may question this and think, "Who cares?" Or "that's just business". But take a step back and think of it from the little guy’s perspective: When companies like AB InBev buy up small breweries, they are essentially gaining more control over the market; meaning shelf space gets smaller and smaller for the already, well, small brewers. This hits their sales and ability to grow directly.
If you've ever been to a local craft brewery you'll instantly feel a sense of pride and hard work just seeping from the reclaimed barn wood and stainless steel that surrounds you. To an extent, the wellbeing of these folks hangs in the balance— hence the backlash and strong anti-buyout talk we've been hearing lately. 

But there IS hope! All it takes is a little knowledge and a willingness to help smaller businesses. We've rounded up a list of 14 faux craft breweries for you: 

Instead of grabbing that 6 pack from a company wearing a mask, opt for something similar that you know is being produced by an independent brewery. Or Google where your local craft breweries are located and pay them a visit. Chances are they have a wonderful list of beer that ranges in style and usually offer 64oz growlers to go. If you're lucky, they have a small canning line or utilize the mobile canning companies and have those to go as well.
How does this help? It keeps your money local and you can rest well at night knowing that beer tender working their way through college or that brewer sweating it out over the kettle, maintains their source of income and livelihood. 

So as summer hits and the barbecues are in full swing, go grab some veggies and cheese from your local farmer’s market, meat from the butcher around the corner, and stock your cooler with the great beer hiding in almost every corner of America today.

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