Greet the Fall with this Autumn-Inspired Recipe

It's almost time for turning leaves, hoodie weather, and pumpkin spice lattes (kidding of course... or are we?). And I don't know about you, but Euphoric Junket & Co is excited!

There's just something special about autumn— a certain feeling in the air you can't really explain. And with autumn comes many great things... including fall inspired beer, of course. Spices, richness, wonderful aromas and colors from amber to pitch black; love them or hate them, seasonal autumn ales have their place and make many folks feel comfy and warm inside. 

This very blog you are reading is coming from the hands of Euphoric Junket Co-Founder and Head Brewer @ Lunar Brewing Company, Jonathan Eichholz. Since a child, the autumn months had a large impact on my understanding and love for cooking, brewing, colors, aromas, and everything in between. Being a "hop head" personally, I tend to brew pale ales, IPA's and DIPA's quite often. But I always get riled up when mid august hits I get to do my dance with the flavors and aromas of fall again. 

So whether you're an experienced brewer, avid home brewer, or simply curious, here is a little recipe for you to try out and have ready to enjoy just as the leaves begin to change.


TARGET OG : 1.070
TARGET FG : 1.018
Estimated ABV : 6.92%
11 lb Marris Otter
1.5 lb Munich Malt 20L
12 oz Caramel/Crystal 40L
6 oz Caramel/Crystal 120L
12 oz Melanoiden Malt
2 oz Carafa III
.75 oz Nugget Hops @ 60 MIN
.25 oz Nugget Hops @ 15MIN
1 Whirfloc Tablet @ 15 MIN
Wyeast Irish Ale 
1 lb Maple Syrup @ Flame Out (End Of Boil)

Mash @ 154 for 60 MIN
Sparge @ 175-180 until desired kettle volume
Boil for 60 MIN
Chill to 67 degrees, transfer to fermenter, oxygenate and pitch yeast

Try to keep fermentation temperatures steady and ferment until gravity readings are stable three days in a row.

If more maple flavor is desired after primary fermentation, transfer to a secondary fermentation vessel and add maple syrup to taste. I'd suggest a low dose of around 4-8 ounces. 

Bottle or keg and enjoy! 



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