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We’ve had numerous folks ask us how Euphoric Junket came to be- What does it mean? Why/how did we take this from an idea to a brand? Here’s a piece of our story:

We are a creative duo that joined forces while living in different cities. At the time, I was located in Indianapolis on a temporary business relocation, and Jonathan was immersed in the craft beer scene in Chicago. 
When Jon and I met, I had just gone through the most intense training of my life and was on the verge of opening up a marketing firm in my own territory. Even though I was grateful to utilize my degrees in Communications and Apparel Merchandising and to ultimately expand my skill set, part of my true essence was missing in what I was doing every day. Anyone who has taken the time to get to know me at all knows that I'm a colorful old soul. I have always loved to create things with my hands, to bring ideas to life in all artistic mediums. But none of that was present in my life anymore.
Jonathan has a lust for the open road and dreamt of going somewhere new with different opportunities. He wanted nothing more than to focus on his trade and dig into his craft.
We quickly discovered each other’s potential and it inspired us. We had each decided that it was time to take a giant leap of faith. We were no longer willing to accept lifestyles anything short of highly creative.
So we quit our jobs, packed up what would fit in the car, and drove west to the Rocky Mountains.
It wasn't always rainbows and butterflies, but we discovered there's no better way to get inspired to do visionary work than when you are totally out in the open- when all barriers are broken down, when you’re forced to push outside of your comfort zone or what society deems "normal." That is when truly remarkable ideas come to fruition.
We wanted to share our journey with our friends and family, so we created an Instagram account.
 And so “Euphoric Junket” began.
Euphoric Junket embodies the gumption it takes to embrace new travels. To expose yourself to new experiences- “euphoric” meaning “blissful” and “junket” meaning “trip.” 
With a culinary background, extensive beer knowledge and brewing experience, it didn’t take long for Jon to score a Brewer position at Denver's Bull & Bush, one of the first and best-recognized breweries in the city. He learned from a beer master with 20+ years of experience, and his crew was featured in Draft Magazine for receiving a score of 99 on their Royal Oil Specialty Wood-Aged Beer. 
Shortly into our new adventure together, Jon infected me with his obsession for the craft beer industry. There were always amazing aromas wafting in and out of our space from home brewing, and soon the idea to permanently capture different beer styles in candles came to be.
With our crafting savvy and my business knowledge, it wasn’t long before making beer-inspired candles as a hobby turned into a full-blown business plan. We figured, what better name to give it than Euphoric Junket?
Euphoric Junket allows us to share our purpose with the world. Not only are we living lifestyles authentic to our true nature, hand crafting products we enjoy creating and wholeheartedly believe in, but we are connected to causes much bigger than us. Thanks to you, we also have the opportunity to contribute to a positive environmental impact, all while illuminating the homes of families in need. We could rant for hours on the topics of sustainability and philanthropy, but we’ll save that for other blog posts.

We raise our glasses to you & this Euphoric Junket we are on together.


 PS- We recently relocated to Chicagoland to pursue big opportunities! Keep tabs on our Partner Locations page to stay updated on where our products are sold. Also come visit us at Lunar Brewing and stay tuned for Jon's tasty recipes on tap!

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