EJ Update | Onward

Euphoric Junket was created in revelry of the open road. The term “euphoric junket” itself means blissful trip, or happy trails.
Sometimes, your journey may lead you down an unexpected road, or perhaps the terrain is less than ideal and you have to adjust your course.
The same goes for business and in life. Sometimes, a business plan has to shift gears in order to accommodate the market’s demands. And sometimes, you have to forge the path yourself.
Although EJ is refocusing its efforts, its destination (or mission) remains the same— and that is delivering sustainable products that support our communities & local economy.

What we’ve been up to & where we’re headed:

We’ve recently been participating in small events in more intimate settings that allow us to get to know our customers. I find immense value in real-life dialogue with the folks who shop my products. I love being able to see their reactions to fragrances, answer questions and educate, and share my passion for creating. Naturally, when you authentically share your joy, abundance follows— so not only do I gain valuable insight into my products when I’m face to face with my customers, but I’ve found this environment to be tremendously uplifting and as a result, one of the most successful avenues for EJ.

These relationships have led to many referrals, as everyone knows someone who’s having a wedding and needs unique gifts, or that one aunt who stocks her closet up with gifts for “just because”… and I’ve been very happy to accommodate custom orders through these referrals as well.

That being said, the direction of EJ is moving toward a more personalized experience. Not only are we signed up for more fun events this season (more details below), but soon our loyal customers will receive an invite to a small, closed Facebook group with access to exclusive releases and sales. It will be an interactive group to continue that same dialogue I find so valuable from getting to know my customers/hearing their feedback in person, and an easy way for them to loop their friends and family in.

The online store will still be up & running, so you can continue to shop at your leisure or send people over to our website!

STAY TUNED for the following coming your way:

  • Facebook group for loyal customers 
  • Seasonal Pre-Order 
  • Revolution Craft Show (Sunday, November 5)
  • Small, intimate holiday show locally to Saint Charles, IL (early December, date TBD)
  • Revolution Holiday Craft Show (Sunday, December 17)
Thank you everyone for your continued support down this new road.
The heart & soul of EJ is still here, and it’s not going anywhere.


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