Art + Science + Elbow Grease =

The almighty beer.

A pint is a few bucks, takes maybe 20-30 minutes to drink, and is loved by most humans that inhabit our planet.

But have you ever dug deeper into the realm of what is behind a glass of beer? The science, the work, the entire process, the dare I say... craft? It's actually quite amazing all that goes into that pint of bubbly brew. 

Step into your local brewery on any old day and you'll notice much more than a boiling kettle. Hoses spray without warning. Pumps push hot liquids every which way. Squeegees squeal against the floor. Hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds of grain lifted & milled by hand and all in the name of craft beer. The joke amongst brewers is that they are "glorified janitors." That being partially true. 

As I tended bar in a brewery just outside of Chicago, I had a man sip his lager, look at me, and chuckle. I asked him what was making him laugh as he responded, "to think, all that work and I just sit here and drink it." That little blurb stuck with me.  

In the old days, before discovering that yeast was the magic maker in beer, brewers weren't nearly as cleanly. A method actually still practiced in present day, they would leave large shallow vats (cool ships) full of wort (beer before fermentation) to cool over night and collect the magic & microscopic dust. But fast forward to a modern day brewery and you'll soon realize that proper cleaning and sanitation is top dog in the brewery. Cleaning is nearly 75% of the brew day, with killer recipes and execution taking an extremely close second place. But after all your hard work and recipe configuration, if it ain't clean, you're wasting your time.

Brewing beer is basically art and science in harmony—with a whole lot of elbow grease making it happen. From hot kettles, to slippery floors and lifting enough to make the average gym rat nervous, this industry is hard working and damn proud.

We raise a glass to all the dedicated beer makers around the world!


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