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We've had quite a few people reach out to us recently asking, 
"Are you guys still selling candles? I've been wanting to order some, but every time I go on your website, you guys are sold out!"

Simply put, we are terribly sorry we've been MIA in the candle department.

You guys are what have made our entire Euphoric Junket journey so far worthwhile. That's why you deserve to know what's been going on + what's to come!

The truth is....

As many of you know, we relocated our home office from Denver to Chicagoland in September 2016. Among our prospects, we were pursuing opening a brewery and a candle storefront.
What many of you do not know is that just months after we relocated, we were forced to make a very tough business decision when we parted ways with business partners associated with these ventures.
Sometimes visions just don't align, and certain virtues like integrity remained uncompromisable for us.
Without ill will, we moved on and soon found ourselves in strangely serendipitous circumstances.
But before we get to where we are now...
With moving on, obviously came the need to relocate our home office once again. 
We quickly fell into the perfect living arrangement; the only con was that we had to wait a little over 2 months before we could move in.
So, for over 2 months (and during the holiday season) we operated out of temporary and less-than-ideal circumstances... let's just say, we weren't able to use equipment efficiently.
But the people wanted candles,
so candles we made.
(...Until of course we had to pack up and move again)
That brings us to our current situation:
Our third home/home office since moving to Chicagoland a little over 6 months ago. 
We didn't choose the gypsy life, the gypsy life chose us.
We'd be lying if we said it's been easy.
However, adaptability is in our DNA, and we're called Euphoric Junket for a reason!! We saw our new space (both figuratively and literally) as an opportunity to redefine our brand; to come up with ways to push the status quo for EJ; and ultimately to discover how to more efficiently and creatively deliver even better products to our people.
You didn't think we totally forgot about all of you craft beer and candle lovers, did you?!
We are elated to announce that within just weeks now, we will be launching a new and improved Euphoric Junket!
What you can expect to see:
      • New look/feel to a candle collection
      • New fragrance release
      • New product lines (not involving candles)
      • Revamped website
      • VIP Craft Club
      • Our faces at more local events in Chicagoland

We've been scheming, and can't wait to share all this exciting stuff that's been barrel aging. ;)

We will be announcing our official re-launch date soon so STAY TUNED!
In the meantime, don't hesitate to write us at,

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