How Euphoric Junket's Curbside Program Impacts the Environment


While many of us may consider ourselves environmentally conscious recyclers, the unfortunate truth is that we make a lot more trips to the landfills every year than most of us know. And glass bottles are a major culprit.

Cities and states are grappling with how to best implement more sustainable practices to recycle glass without losing money. Glass prices are down, and the cost of transporting it to regions that CAN properly recycle it is often more than the value of the glass itself. 

Much of this issue begins with the popular single-stream recycling system. When we mix all of our recyclables together, from paper to plastic to glass, oftentimes the glass breaks along the way. Broken bits of glass not only contaminate the other recyclables, but it’s also very difficult and costly to sort them back into a reusable state.

Even if the glass makes it through the sorting process, it still may not be recycled into brand-new bottles. In fact, only 24% of glass bottles end up getting recycled in the 40 states that don’t have bottle deposit systems. If there’s no glass recycler nearby, the city has to ship the glass elsewhere (which, considering how heavy glass can be, you can imagine how costly this is). Recycling glass has ultimately become bad for the bottom line, which is how towns all over the country have justified scrapping their glass curbside programs.

Consider Euphoric Junket the local home brewer's glass curbside program: we personally find fellow beer nerds looking to clear space in their garages, come to their homes, and recycle their bottles for them. 

Each candle in our Collection serves an infinitely reusable purpose. With your help, we can keep bottles out of landfills and restore our community’s economic and environmental impact- one beer-inspired candle at a time!




Hi Bina,

We take 12 oz. amber beer bottles, and are more than happy to come to your door to pick them up! We’d love to hear more about partnering- please feel free to reach us directly on Facebook or at

Cheers, friend!

Bina Amato

How does this work? What beer bottles do you take and where can I drop them off? My husband can sure help out a ton lol

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