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The Inside Scoop at EJ

We've had quite a few people reach out to us recently asking,  "Are you guys still selling candles? I've been wanting to order some, but every time I go on your website, you guys are sold out!"Simply put, we are terribly sorry we've been MIA in the candle department. You guys are what have made our entire Euphoric Junket journey so far worthwhile. That's why you deserve to know what's been going on + what's to come! The truth is.... As many of you know, we relocated our home office from Denver to Chicagoland in September 2016. Among our prospects, we were pursuing opening a brewery and a candle storefront. What many of you do not know is that just months after...

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A Belated Update From A Fresh Face

Hey guys!  This post is coming to you from Jonathan and Jessie’s roommate, Andrew.  I will be helping keep you up to date with all that’s going on with Euphoric Junket.  From creating new scents of our candles, to filling you in on what’s growing in our garden, I’ll be here documenting and sharing all of our own "euphoric junkets"! From left to right: Myself (Andrew), Jon, and Jess at Shambala Mountain Center.  Where the "magic happens". Today, Jon and I ventured off to the local homebrew shop to pick up some last minute ingredients for our homebrew.  Jon finalized the recipe, a New England style IPA, similar to the “Milkshake” variant that a lot of East Coast breweries have...

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