Beer CAN·dles


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What people are saying:

The scents are PHENOMENAL. Each candle has a very different flavor profile and I've been able to compliment different rooms within my house. I can't say enough how great it is to support a charitable and sustainable small business AND get such a great product!

Laurie Devere

Euphoric Junket worked with me in creating candles for amazing wedding table placements/gifts! Did I also mention they got this done in two weeks for 200 candles? If you're looking for a great gift to give someone this season, check them out.

Katie Nelson

The best smelling candles I have ever purchased! They came carefully packed to ensure no damage and I am looking forward to ordering again!

Tory Orozco

SUPER IMPRESSED with Euphoric Junket. From the packaging to the candle itself, you can tell from all the little details that it was created with love, care, and inspiration. I seriously loved opening it up, and the smell prior to even lighting it.

Ashley Mahoney

I have burned my candle multiple times and it lasts! I feel like I haven't put a dent in it. You have a great product!!

Alyssa Rose